Elizabeth Wadsworth Gallery 1 April 2021
We are Back! Elizabeth Wadsworth Gallery reopens 1 April 2021. Not only is Elizabeth back in the gallery selling her own pieces the gallery is also available for exhibitions and pop up shows.
This notice is to advise that Elizabeth Wadsworth has reopened the Wadsworth Gallery at 326 Oxford Street, Paddington.

When Elizabeth is not exhibiting her own work the Gallery space is available for an artist to exhibit, for group exhibitions and pop ups at competitive rental prices. The minimum occupation period is two weeks.

The Wadsworth Gallery is a great exhibition space that is well known for first class presentation of works, easily accessible and is a high foot traffic area. The space is 132 square meters, air-conditioned and has gallery lighting.

Thank you for your kind consideration of the Wadsworth Gallery when next you need an amazing venue to present your work.

Elizabeth Wadsworth
0412 520 922
[email protected]
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